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Panaram Fixed Mobile Convergence specialists have developed a number of solutions from the ground up that are focused on delivering PBX Functionality , Least Cost Routing and Private GSM solutions to mobile handsets. These solutions are further extended and enhanced by the use of the Panaram Client Provisioning and Management Service that allows easy deployment, configuration, updating and management.


Many businesses expect highly functional telephony services which provide excellent value for money and a return on investment. By offering 'Least Cost Routing' and PBX functionality (for example, 'Call recording') on the mobile phone, the m-Call solution is positioned to meet this expectation.

Designed for both the end user and the service provider in mind, m-Call is easy to configure, deploy and use. The client can be branded, call routing rules established, and specific PBX features enable through remote configuration without any changes to the core product. This ensures that services get to market quickly at a controlled and predictable cost. Click here to read more about m-Call


NetSwitch is a solution that allows mobile phones to connect to each other using a private GSM network. This allows voice calls and data communication over a company mobile network. Within the UK; NetSwitch is supplied through Teleware within the Private Mobile Office product. Click here to read more about NetSwitch

Case studies

Least Cost Routing

Read the Least Cost Routing case study to understand how calls out of the current country are always routed through the local office PBX to reduce mobile Roaming costs.

Call Recording

It is becoming commonplace that many business are legally required to record voice calls to comply with regulation. Find out how m-Call can be used to extend the Call Recording Functionality to a mobile handset.

Seamless calls using WiFi

The WiFi Subscribers on the Road case study describes how m-Call can take advantage of WiFi networks to seamlessly route calls using VoIP.

PBX features on the go

Understand how the m-Call product can extend desk phone features to the mobile phone to allow Business users on the road to increase productivity.